The Most Important Item for Your Road Trip

As our country slowly returns to normal, most people are planning to travel more than they did in 2020 – 76 percent of respondents, to be exact, according to a recent survey. Yet many individuals and families are still hesitant to travel by airplane this year, which means 2021 is going to be a very popular year for road trips.

Unfortunately, more road travel = more road crashes. On top of this, the road crash death rate is on the rise. Despite there being fewer people on the road last year, deaths resulting from road crashes actually spiked 24 percent from 2019, according to an analysis by the National Safety Council. This was the biggest increase in nearly 100 years.

Are You Prepared?

We’ve all seen tragic car accidents on the highway. Don’t be fooled by the belief that it could never happen to you or someone you love. The reality is that accidents do happen – and while you might not be able to do much in advance to prevent them from occurring on the road, you can make sure you’re prepared.

This is why your luggage for your upcoming road trip isn’t complete without an up-to-date will and estate plan. Thorough planning will ensure that your wishes are heard and your family is taken care of in the event that the unthinkable occurs.

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