Show Your Love with a Thoughtful Estate Plan

You might think that your affairs are already in order because you have a will. But did you know that even with a will, your family can still end up in probate court after you pass? Don’t let the courts decide how your final wishes will be carried out.

A thoughtful estate plan allows you to show your love and give loved ones peace of mind in the event of your passing. 

Lessen Your Loved Ones’ Load 

Grief is already a heavy load. But without a comprehensive estate plan, your family may also have to shoulder financial burdens. With only a will, spouses and family members often lack immediate access to funds for living expenses. An estate plan can help them cover the cost of bills and other expenses right away. 

Ensure Your Wishes Are Followed

You also don’t want your family having to guess at what your end-of-life wishes are. This can cause added family tension during a difficult time. In addition to clearly outlining your wishes, ensure they are accurately followed with an estate plan. With only a Last Will in place, your family might have to still endure probate court to validate and execute your will – a process that can be costly and time-consuming. 

Create a Thoughtful Estate Plan

You have thought hard about what to leave behind for your loved ones, so make sure your estate plan is equally thoughtful. Our experienced attorneys at Mattingly Ford are here to help you get started.