Katie B. – People Feature

Meet Katie Barnes

Mattingly Ford Marketing Manager

(past role: paralegal assistant)

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love getting to use my creative side and eye for design when creating flyers or marketing content. I also love planning and organizing events, and enjoy the challenge of making our corporate events fun and engaging.

What is your best day at work?

As much as I love our clients and value my interaction with them; I am an introvert. So the social aspect of this job can sometimes leave me feeling drained. My perfect day of work would be full of creating marketing content, putting together gift baskets, or organizing my desk. I know, I’m SUCH an exciting person.

Tell us about you – your family, what you do for fun or during personal time, what brings you joy?

I have an incredible best friend who also happens to be my husband, Justin Barnes. He is a very talented musician/producer and we often work on creating original music together. I have a very energetic and loving Australian Shepherd named Keeks. Together, the three of us enjoy hiking, kayaking and many other outdoor activities.

I also enjoy baking organic, allergy-friendly pastries for friends and family, and have a small baking gig on the side. When I need to unwind and have some alone time I enjoy painting, working out or digging into God’s word. I’ve been blessed to have an amazing extended family as well who all live in Louisville.