Don’t Get Burned by the Cost of Cheap

The cost of just about everything is rising, so many people are finding ways to cut costs and protect their budget. That may work for some things you buy, like food or clothing, but legal services are one area where choosing cheap can actually cost you more – turning into an expensive mistake. Here are three key points to consider when choosing a provider for legal services:

1. Choose Legal Services Tailored to Your Needs

Online legal services provide a standard, fill-in-the-blank template – not one designed for your legal needs. How can this come back to hurt you and your family in the future?

From wills and estate planning services to business law, a legally binding document or contract is only half of the equation. That document needs to be written in a way that fits your wishes and is correctly prepared so that when the time comes for it to be executed, it meets the legal requirements of your state.

If you’re simply filling out a form online, you don’t have the chance to meet face to face with a licensed attorney who takes time to listen, ask questions and understand your situation. We take a comprehensive approach to all of our legal services at Mattingly Ford. We partner with our clients to ensure that we thoroughly understand their needs – both current and future – then we work to provide a thoughtful plan that makes them feel heard, confident and comfortable.


2. Skip the Cookie-Cutter Approach 

Online legal service websites provide two types of legal services – limited consultation services which often connect customers to “specialists” rather than attorneys, and document generators.

An online legal service can’t offer the same knowledgeable service as we do – reviewing your “fill-in-the-blank” answers for legal sufficiency, drawing legal conclusions, providing legal advice or applying the law to the facts of your particular situation. Our experienced attorneys have helped hundreds of individuals plan their estate or set up a small business. At Mattingly Ford, PSC, we help our clients pinpoint opportunities that strengthen their personal and professional planning so they can avoid unforeseen issues that could be overlooked by a cookie-cutter approach to legal services. For the confidence that your wishes are memorialized and will be carried out, connect with us to start the conversation.


3. Opt for People-First Customer Support

Online legal services are often criticized for poor customer service. When issues arise, the customer has to navigate through the customer service process for the site and attempt to resolve them through phone calls, emails and chat messages. With thousands of support requests flooding their service teams daily, these sites can leave users feeling like just another ticket number – and forcing them to go to great lengths to get their issue resolved. 

At Mattingly Ford, we put people first every day. We’re passionate about helping people – not leaving them frustrated and without solutions to their issues. We love sitting down with our clients and listening to their needs and thoughts – or hopping on a phone call if they can’t meet face-to-face. Offering people-first estate planning and business law services are our priority. 

Have questions about how our comprehensive legal services can benefit you – or ready to get started? Contact us today.