Contracts & Leases

When you’re in business, you’re in the business of contracts. From service and lease agreements to confidentiality contracts, stock purchases and more, you’ll need to provide and/or sign well-constructed documents. 

Enlist the help of a legal professional to fully understand what you’re signing, and to ensure your contract clearly covers everything you need from a partner or vendor. Otherwise, you could put the business – and yourself – at risk.


Mattingly Ford works with small business owners and service providers to draft, review and offer professional advice on contracts in a number of areas. Turn to our contract attorney team for consultation on:

Employment Contracts and Offer Letters

• Clarify job responsibilities, salary and benefits 
• Define “At will” employment

Nondisclosure and/or Noncompete Agreements

• Protect confidential business information and idea

Construction Contracts

• Spell out timelines, responsibility and liability

Sales and Distribution Agreements

• Disclose specific price, conditions and other purchase terms



Mattingly Ford offers lease agreement review and creation for both corporate and residential clients. For small businesses, a lease agreement is a contract for retail or office space where you’ll operate the business itself. Leases also can cover equipment you use to serve customers. 

This substantial contract serves as a major commitment, so a business lease attorney should review a lease document to ensure it fits your organization’s needs. Lease attorneys might look for landlords to dictate utility obligations, provide a reasonable length of occupancy time, and an ability to extend the lease, among other terms. 

Beyond the legal services, we partner seamlessly with Mattingly Ford Title Agency – Kentucky’s largest – sharing this business expertise with you.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Business transitions can be tricky, whether they involve family-owned businesses transferring ownership to the next generations, or non-familial leadership succession. Long before it’s time to pass the torch, consult with a business succession planning attorney or a buy-sell agreement attorney to ensure your wishes are preserved during the transition and beyond. 

Let Mattingly Ford create your buy-sell agreement that directs an exit strategy and succession plan, and keeps all business owners on the same page.

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Before signing a contract or lease for your new business, call Mattingly Ford to review the legal papers. Our timely and personalized service, combined with 100 years of accumulated experience in advising small businesses, sets you on the right path to meet your business goals. Contact our team today.

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