Benefits Not Offered by Online Legal Services

Thinking about using an inexpensive online legal service for your legal needs? You could sacrifice these 3 important benefits that Mattingly Ford clients receive:

1. Comprehensive Planning Catered to Your Needs

When you opt for online legal services, you are paying for a fill-in-the-blank template – and expecting it to meet your unique needs. The problem is that a cookie-cutter approach to legal services often results in a finished product that’s ill fitting to the needs of businesses and families. 

From wills and estate planning services to business law, a legally binding document or contract is only half of the equation. Online legal services don’t take the time upfront to understand your specific needs, which is an important step to ensure that your legal needs are properly met. 

We take a comprehensive approach to all of our legal services at Mattingly Ford. We sit down with our clients to ensure that we thoroughly understand their needs – both current and future – then we get to work to provide a thoughtful plan that makes you feel heard, confident and comfortable. We ask many questions, 30-40 to be exact, to get a thorough understanding of your needs and provide quality legal advice.


2. Guidance from Experienced Attorneys

Online legal service websites provide two types of legal services – limited consultation services which often connect customers to “specialists” rather than attorneys, and document generators.

For services like Wills, online Will providers cannot review your “fill-in-the-blank” answers for legal sufficiency, draw legal conclusions, provide legal advice or apply the law to the facts of your particular situation. If you want to rest assured that your wishes are memorialized and will be carried out you need to seek legal advice from an estate planning attorney, like those here at Mattingly Ford, PSC. 

During our consultation process, our experienced attorneys help our clients pinpoint opportunities that strengthen their personal and professional planning – preventing unforeseen issues that could be overlooked by a cookie-cutter approach to legal services.


3. People-First Customer Support

A common complaint from users of online legal services is poor customer service. Since the services are obtained through an online platform, if issues arise the customer needs to contact the website’s customer service team in order to resolve their issue. 

These customer service teams are often bogged down because they are handling issues across every website user, which could be thousands on any given day. The result is the customer becomes just another ticket number – and might have to go to great lengths to get their issue resolved. 

At Mattingly Ford, we got into this industry to HELP people, not frustrate them. Our legal team is only a phone call away – or set up an in-person conversation with us! Offering people-first estate planning and business law services is our priority. 


Have questions about how our comprehensive legal services can benefit you – or ready to have a no-pressure conversation about your legal needs? Contact us today.